Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Studio Lighting Portfolio

This is my studio lighting portfolio. All the images that I turned in are either 8x8 or 8x10 and matted. It was my first time measuring and cutting mats so the whole project really stressed me out, but it's done and turned in. I'll get it back tonight after 7 pm. I really hope I do well because these six pictures are worth 40% of my total grade in this class. AHHH! The "names" under the pictures were the requirements I was given for each image.

A box shaped object

Translucent glass



Casual portrait

Formal Portrait

Thanks to all my models, studio helpers, and anyone that offered encouragement. This was quite the class.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Horticulture t-shirt

Aside from working at The Floral Shoppe, I'm also the PR rep for the Horticulture department. Once they saw the t-shirt design that I did for the Geology Society, they recruited me to design their t-shirt as well. This is what I came up with:

I used the same three square design, because our horticulture department offers three different emphasis--floral design, landscape design/build/maintain, and production.

This is essentially what our t-shirts will look like. Black with green graphics. I like it. :)

Monday, January 25, 2010

Geology T-Shirt

Here's my first attempt at graphic design. It's for the Geology Society's t-shirts. :)

Friday, December 18, 2009

More Internship Pictures

Here are a few more pictures of work that I've done while on my internship at The Floral Shoppe.

An easel funeral spray. The family wanted the spray to be woodsy so in addition to the flowers I added pine cones and used evergreen foliage.

Classic dozen roses design with Monte casino filler.

Here is a half dozen roses, wrapped with solidago and leather leaf.

This everyday design was for a birthday. I think any girl would appreciate something like this from the man she loves.

This design was for a walk-in customer that wanted something cheery to take to her adult daughter for her birthday.

A funeral design. I really loved working with all the warm fall colors throughout the seasons.

This was for a funeral. The customer wanted something long and low, so that the family of the deceased could take the design home and display it on a table. It was also made in a metal basket, that the family could keep it as a memento.

An all-around everyday design, one of the first that got designed to be in the cooler ready to go for a walk-in customer to walk-out with.

This was for a funeral, it was a small open heart, but it took so long to get all the babys breath done. I think the pink splash of color was magnificent.

A close up of the color.

These last few pictures were taken with the camera on my phone, so the quality is obviously not as crisp as my digital SLR.

This funeral spray I had to be creative with because we only had three gladiolus in the cooler, but by cutting it apart I made it look like six.

This centerpiece was for thanksgiving dinner at a children's table. I loved using the large rovers in my thanksgiving designs.

This cornucopia had a dozen terra cotta roses with fall mums and tinted eucalyptus and solidago. Thanksgiving designs were some of my favorites because of the rich colors I got to use.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

The Floral Shoppe-Funeral Work

July 27th I started my internship at The Floral Shoppe, in Rexburg, ID. So far it has been an amazing experience and I've gotten to do a lot of arranging. On the days that I work, I usually do all the arrangements for the day, and I've even come in on my scheduled days off to design for special occasions. Here is some of the funeral work that I've done so far.

This was the first funeral arrangement--a casket piece--I ever made. It was on August 7th, for a Hispanic woman who was being cremated; her family wanted something bright and cheery, but not too expensive. I loved using the sunflowers and delphinium together because it created such a dramatic contrast.

The next day, August 8th, I made this spray for another funeral. I really like the symmetrical balance, but if I could go back and change something about it, I would try to incorporate the liatris better, or even take it out. Otherwise, I think the lavender daisies and yellow carnations look great together.

This easel and the next spray were both created on August 11th for the same funeral. I loved doing this easel piece because I got to use my favorite flowers--cosmos and daisies--along with a very cool lavender salvia that I had never seen before.

This spray is the most expensive arrangement that I've done so far while on my internship, and also one of the most dramatic by far. The stargazer lilies make such a great focal flower, especially when paired with the red amaranthus. As I was finishing the design, the owner of the shop walked in, and he gasped at its grandeur and gave me a high five. It was actually the first time I'd met him, so I think it helped me made a good first impression. :)

My favorite parts of this arrangement was the amaranthus, and the berries that I had cascading in the front.

As most of you that read my blog know, Rexburg is a small town in Eastern Idaho surrounded by miles of farmland. Because people are influenced by what surrounds them, we get a lot of requests for arrangements that "look like a ditch bank". This was a funeral spray for a local rancher with that very request, which I designed on September 14th. What made the arrangement extra fun to do, was that I used the rancher's old boots as the container.

I was told to not clean the boots up, just leave them as dusty and dirty as they were when they came in. The challenge to this arrangement was to make sure it didn't tip over. I had to weigh down the boots with rocks and marbles because it was so top heavy.

The Floral Shoppe-Wedding Work

On September 25th we were working on a wedding in the shoppe. I had the privilege of doing the bridesmaid's corsages and the bride's bouquet. Bright fall colors were chosen for the flowers, and we had a great time designing with orange gerbera daisies, yellow daisy chrysanthemums, kermit mums, fall alstromeria lilies, bells of Ireland, and red hypericum.

The bride wanted a slight cascade to her bouquet, while still having a hand-tied look, so I got to improvise a little, and I'm happy with the results.

To achieve the bare stemmed hand-tied look but get the cascade shape, I used a tilting bouquet holder to get the shape right.

Then I glued and taped the flowers stems to the handle of the bouquet holder and added additional salal (greenery) to cover up any evidence of the bouquet holder. I then wrapped the stems in brown and green ribbon to finish it off.

The bridesmaids corsages consisted of some of the same flowers as the bouquet, finished off with sparkly brown ribbon. The flowers were perfect for a beautiful fall wedding.

The Floral Shoppe-Everyday Designs

I made this cute arrangement for a birthday on August 11th. The customer wanted the color red in the design, which inspired me to use a red glass cube vase and the bright red gerbera daisies. The yellow kangaroo paw filler gave the arrangement an extra kick of color and fun.